1. This is just a note to users of SLX Connect, I've forwarded the slxconnect.com to this site while I move the main SLX Connect website to a new dedicated server. This will require a few days of work on my part. I am NOT closing SLX Connect and if all goes well, everything will be back to normal for that site in a few days! Thanks. Till then your welcome to register a free account here and take it for a spin!
  2. Just a note to users on SLX Social I've forwarded the site to this site as a temporary measure while I move the site onto this new web hosted network. The site will be brought back online once the backups and files have been moved. Please bare with me.
  3. SLX InSTYLE is a community designed by Designers for Designers with support services for bloggers, models & agencies, as well as for those that have an interest the essence of virtual fashion styling & creativity!